Social Streaming Virtual Events Platform

Social Streaming TV is a private label integrated social media, live and on demand video streaming virtual events platform.

Virtual events will be the new technology medium as internal, trade show, sales and customer meetings and customer presentations will literally go virtual.

Business events will go from one-time to anytime with ondemand virtual or hybrid when in-person trade shows return.

Companies can also move their trade show booths out of storage or build new virtual visitor centers producing exciting customer entertainment events.

Next, private social media, virtual events and streaming can bring new content-driven virtual events marketplaces to navigate increasingly complex public presence, technologies and markets.

Social Streaming TV is a private label platform installed on custom websites giving them the means to produce education, industry, business and company news, ondemand and virtual events accelerating connections with fans, followers and viewers.

Social Streaming TV provides unparalleled branding, thought leadership and customer experiences with fifty or more simultaneous live TV channels to millions.

Social Streaming TV also provides critically important virtual event engagement expertise with award-winning speaker, exhibitor, talent and professional power presenter certification and custom content creation.

Take action today to bring together social media live streaming into an innovative virtual events platform to produce thrilling customer events and performances.