Neat “Suite” Sense

Zoom has transformed the world with its fresh and engaging approach to video or, if you prefer virtual meetings.  While Zoom is a powerful cloud technology, Neat makes it even better with integrated hardware solutions from microphones, wall boards, frames, bars and much more coming.  This is really “suite” for an office as “the Neat Bar Pro allows you to enjoy an incredibly immersive premium experience throughout any meeting room big or small. It also has an advanced microphone array for clearer audio pick-up in larger rooms, and three full-range speakers that produce superb stereophonic sound. Plus, Neat Audio Processing means no garbled ‘double talk’ issues or problems with background noise.” 

What makes this even better is advanced room environmental monitoring. According to Neat, “built into all Neat devices, Neat Sense* is an advanced set of capabilities that monitors noise, light, people presence and the number of people in a room. It assesses environmental factors – air quality, humidity, CO2 and organic chemical levels in the room. This data and statistics collected by Neat Sense will be presented in the Zoom dashboard, so administrators can easily maintain a safe and healthy working environment as Zoom customers return to the office.”

Throughout this process, we will also explore many of the other hardware and software solutions being integrated with Zoom such as Logitech, Crestron, Poly, Yealink and others.  Meanwhile get professional presentation certification, click here for more.